10 ways to earn money on the weekend and you did not know


You’re needing money? The bills of the month are over the income? Or you just want that extra to go out with your partner?


1- Rent a room

There are some apps like Airbnb, VRBO and so many others that make possible to rent a room or even the whole house. The stay can vary U$20 the day until the price that will be combined. These apps use to verify the historic of the renter and the buyer, bringing safety and an extra money.


2- Give a ride

If you’re used to roll a lot with your car exists some apps like “BLA BLA CAR” that enables you to give a ride and charge some value on it, what can be interesting to you to earn some value.


3- Rent your bicycle, or any object

Your bike is stopped? So put it to roll and get an extra money of the rent, there are some apps that you can rent any object and earn some money with it.


4- Uber

For who don’t know, its very easy to subscribe in uber and start rolling, you can do this every weekend. There are drivers, depending on the city, that say they earn U$250 per weekend. Its a good value, don’t you think?


5- Detach old things

There are many apps of fast sale, you just have to research and sell some things that you no longer use.


6- Be a goalkeeper

That’s it! Exists apps that rent goalkeepers to go in that game that everyone denies to be in the goal. The price is combined and maybe you can take an extra doing what you like.


7- Take dogs for a walk or simply take care of them

In your neighborhood there is always that mam that take her dogs for a walk with effort and would love a help with the service, some people earn good money with this, including, there are apps that you register to take care of a dog that is around.


8- Be a touristic guide

That is a huge amount of people that can visit your town in the weekend and they would like someone that know and showed the town. For this you can use the app Rent a Local Friend.


9- Receive a tourist in your house to lunch

In the app Site Meal Sharing you can register and cook for a tourist and earn for this. Its easy and fast.


10- Be a promoter

In the clubs there’s always a vacancy for a promoter of last time to do a party that wasn’t too many people. Call the houses and be a candidate to a vacancy, you can earn well for each person you bring.


I hope you could get out of that bad situation and learn how to get an extra change to supply your necessities. A big hug, share and comment!