Ten pictures that prove that was fashion be ugly in the 90’s


The times change and how they change. Who ever gave that uncontrolled laugh by seeing a photo of the father or mother, or your own photo in the 90’s?

That haircuts and fashion clothes marked the years of glory of several famous, a lot changed their visual and other decided to maintain. Check now 10 pictures that prove that was fashion to be ugly in the 90’s.

10- The kings of the duster hairstyle, that was fashion. With you, Chitãozinho e Chororó.


9- The children success, it was good to comb, but if it was fashion, alright then Angélica!


8- The comb really wasn’t used so much. Cristiana Torlone. Don’t seems the same person.


7- Alexandre Pires.


6- It was common to use bandanas and was fashion.


5- Prints a little flashy, I would say.


4- Clog, who did not have was outside of the group.


3- Costumes wasn’t just for children, it was used without moderation.


2- Bell’s mouth, this way called the fashion pants.


1- Round glasses!