Credit card without annuity and that accepts Apple Pay exists. Discover how to get it.



The so talked Apple Pay its arriving in Brazil. For those who don’t know, Apple Pay and some others like Android Pay and Samsung Pay have the idea of revolution the forms of payment, making that you don’t use money or even physic credit card, using only a biometric reader, resulting in rapidness and extreme safety.
The form of payment is already a fever in the developed countries and its overcoming the expectative of the users.

Despite being exclusive of Itaú, what don’t lack are positive dots to acquire.
During three months the bank network will enjoy with everything to benefit from its exclusively, however, another banks are investing each more to get this great opportunity in the end of the deadline.

Yet, is being published in the internet the most practice way to acquire, even not being a user from Itaú.

The card Credicard Zero its a card offered by Itaú, even to not users, and the best? It doesn’t charges anything of annuity and yet synchronizes with Apple Pay. Besides not charging annuity, guess what… It works in Apple Pay, just make some validation in the app and smile adrift!

After validation, verify all the establishments that already accepts Apple Pay or the thousands of apps that already do this kind of payment.