After all, what is bitcoin?


Bitcoin here, bitcoin there. One of the subjects most talked today. But after all, what is this bitcoin?

Bitcoin is nothing than a currency, just like Real, Dollar and Euro.
However, you’ll never ser a bitcoin because it is totally virtual, it doesn’t exists in species.

Another difference is that it’s moving isn’t followed by the Central Bank as the other coins.
Bitcoin is used only for computer moving, that is, who resolve the mathematical problems of programming receives a pack of coin.

To control the usage, the creators put a roof of usage of the coin, in which should be until 21 million, until the year of 2140.
The virtual coin has as its value measure the demand. In 2014 had a slight decrease, but, it was back to increase the following years.

Today is one of the investments of biggest risks, however, its the most talked in the world.
Your creator did not have his identity verified, but is known as Satoshi Nakamoto.