A 72 year woman is pregnant for the first time, in North Ceará(Brazil)


Who don’t dream with the first son, and the responsibilities come, of growing, side dish and adventures.
We always think when we are young which date will be the best to get pregnant, financial stability and planning. However, there are some people that don’t think this way and get pregnant, and, in a question of months, the person has to change its routine of life.

And if you have an advanced age, have you ever imagined how it would be? And much advanced?
This was the case of Mrs. Cassilda Garcia of 72 years old, retired and without kids, at least for a while.
The case of Cassilda moved the feels of the little city of Acaraú.
She started to feel strong abdominal pain and decided to go to the hospital in town, was when she discovered her pregnancy.

Despite risky, the retired said that always dreamed in getting pregnant, but had already lost the hope. And for a omen of destiny, the mam did not get in menopause and kept the relations with the husband José of 69 years old.

The belly still doesn’t appear, but according to the doctors, despite the risk of the pregnancy, they did not find any problem in the fetus of 2 months.