10 phrases that will make you feel the beauty of freedom




10- Can be very hard to detach that or someone that make you feel bad. But the freedom sensation certainly will reward you.


9- The true meaning of the word freedom is living what your heart says, without mattering with the others opinion.


8- Freedom, that good that make us enjoy another goods.


7- I chose living the risks of freedom than the quiet of slavery.


6- With wish I let everyone go, fly. And if they get back, they will be enjoying the same right of freedom of mine.


5- You discover your freedom when, in fact, you recognize what imprisons you.


4- If we are free by inside, nothing will arrest us outside.


3- Freedom don’t worth nothing if we don’t have freedom to mistake.


2- I cannot agree with any word that you say, however, I will fight all my life for your right to say them.


1- We pass the whole life looking for freedom, what we will probably notice only when we won’t be able to enjoy, is that it was always inside of us.


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