The evil riches


The reach of beachfront property owners’ has been redefined by a law in Florida, it claims to “the land above the mean high-tide level.” This change means that owners of private property — and their patrolling rent-a-cops — will have vastly expanded powers to kick members of the public beaches.

Cities won’t create anymore their own rules to get public access to public lands.
Because of this moment every public resource is under assault: Trump’s Park Service wants to put out 71% of working class Americans from national parks; billionaires tend to fence off public beaches, while millionaires resort to committing smaller-scale frauds to steal the public’s beaches.

The governor Rick Scott, who signed the law, claims that everything will be fine, because he said that rich people don’t abuse their new powers.

If you want to distinguish the left from the right, here’s an easy test. Ask, “What is more important, property rights or human rights?” If you answer is “Property rights are human rights,” they are on the political right.(Many thanks to Steven Brust because of the speech).