Often we will be forced to abandon the dreams we had, simply for not being the same person that dreamed them.


Have you already stop to think, which intense were our dreams and that today they don’t do part of our plans?

There are who say that life doesn’t ends with death, but yes when we already don’t accept to change what apparently would be correct.

O world doesn’t stops, stuff evolute every instant and our mind don’t escape from this cycle.

When we were young we had an specific vision of every situation, and with the pass of time we acquire info and experience that really form the weapons to our attitudes.

Thus is natural, and I tell you, this is the experience showing ways.

Said the philosopher Immanuel Kant: “ The wise can change opinion, the idiot never”.

We conclude so, that the sign of knowledge is changing. This also signs that you’re always open to learn, and if you have to pay the price for that, you’ll do million of times.

Due to this, always when someone think that you’re weak for giving up on a dream, don’t answer her/him, after all, nothing will resolve, because this same person comproves that doesn’t has an open mind to learn,so, doesn’t recognizes that changes can be a sign of experience.

Always mistake, when more you do it, more you will learn. Be proud of your stumbles, because for their fault that one day you will win. And who judges you, I repeat again, don’t argue, don’t worth it.

Change your style, your thoughts, course, job, country. Change constantly and in the end you’ll see that what really worth at the end of your life will be the experience.