Know now: the ten most beautiful beaches in the world!


For who think that beaches are all the same, you’re very mistaken!
Sea, sand and sun we find in any of them, but each one with its paradise beauty and selfness.
If you want to travel but you’re in doubt yet for where to go, here we have some tips that maybe help you a lot.

Know now:

1° Seychelles

This paradise is made by 115 islands. The waves of the ocean don’t reach the coast because of the corals of the sea, giving the appearance of a pool to this wonderful.

2° Maldivas

The 1102 islands that form the Maldivas have everything to turn your dreams into reality.

3° Bora Bora, Tahiti

Known as the “Romantic Island”, Bora Bora is one of the wonderful that form French Polynesian.

4º Hamptons, Nova York

With its special charm of shrubbery and dunes, Hamptons is one of the most beautiful beaches of Long Island.

5° Lanikai Beach, Havaí

Considered one of the most paradisiac, Lanikai Beach has always the water in deep green, turning it worthy of post cards.

6° Ilha Nantucket, Massachusetts

The county of Nantucket is one of the 14 counties of the American State. The beaches of Surfside and Children are the most popular and attract thousands of tourists for its divine beauties.

7° Fraser Island, Australia

World Patrimony, this beach has its 640 years of history preserved and a beauty that let anyone with the mouth open.

8° St. Barts, France

Crystalline beach, white sand and a French touch. 13 kilometers of extension of a beauty never seen.

9° Langkawi, Malaysia

“Land of your dreams” its your meaning. With crystal clear water, wonderful sunny days and amazing receptivity. Langkawi worth it!

10° Kauna´ao Bay, Hawaii

This beach in half-moon shape, has everything that you need to relax.


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