From a mattress on the street to one of the best payed artists of Hollywood – The Rock


Even him, or nobody could imagine what would happen in the next years.
The Rock in 1995 was simply Dwayne Johnson, a frustrated football player, that have heard of his coach that his career would not have success.
After breaking up with his girlfriend he found a mattress on the street and slept right there. He asked for help to his father, who payed his way back home.
Today, more known as The Rock, absolute success in social networks and his movies, shows in his social networks his training and is considered the third person in the world with more followers on Instagram.
The Scorpion King, his first movie and success in selling earned to him several roles in movies. He also created a Seven Bucks Productions, a producer that in the name carries the honor to the U$7 that was his only money.
He tried to change his muscular structure by a friend request and producer, that in the time asked just to focus only in his actor career, in which he failed and resolved to maintain his muscles and daily training, maintaining his performance.
Today the businessman and artist, keep focus, and loves to post when he train, showing his will force and physical focus.

But he didn’t stopped there, also created Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, an ONG that take care of children in end states.
“I grew up in a place where if a door closed, no window opened. There were only small holes and I did what I need to escape from these holes: scratch, break, bit, push, bleed. Now my opportunity came. The door was opened and it is so big as a garage”, said The Rock.

His effort takes him to share his training and his daily in social networks, that was a difference to reach one of the most followed and loved.