10 ways to act towards a betrayal



Figure out that you’re being cheated isn’t so uncommon as it looks like.

According to researches, the main reason of the end of relationships is betrayal. Due to the amount of people that are separated we have an idea of the dimension of not loyal that exists in society.

However, people are never prepared to discover. But if you discover, already thought how to act?

Here we brought 10 ways to act towards a betrayal.


1. Don’t say anything, just turn around and leave. Not saying anything will let the person scared and without reaction. This also help you to not say anything that you would regret later.


2. Cry, do a scandal
Nothing as getting all inside out, screaming and scandalizing the situation can make you feel better. Nothing as a good anger scream isn’t it?


3. Sit, look closely the scene and get shocked
Getting shocked is a protection to the brain. This happens when something unexpected and scary happens. This will do you to not remember everything that you saw, and in future, this will be much benefit.


4. Get forward
No betrayal has its value if there is no fight, that hair pulls. Just be careful, because being betrayed and beaten will increase even more your depression after betrayal.


5. Say that you already knew everything and that never liked him/her
Act naturally, clap your hands and say:- I already knew. Left with a smile on the face, even if you melt crying after.


6. Propose a triple relationship
The world is modern and things are changing. What about proposing a triple relationship and be happy?


7. Try not being seen and give the change
The good and old vengeance. Do the same thing, betray and break the relationship with the phrase:” changed fire doesn’t hurts”.


8. Take a photo and post on internet
You can be issued, but will also feel the taste of vengeance.


9. Get on your knees, cry and forgive
The old phrase,”forgive is divine”. Turn the and pretend never happened.


10. Don’t do nothing in time, break up and turn beautiful and make him/her regret betraying you.


Who never saw that lady that broke up and a week after is unrecognizable? It’s a way to show superiority and maturity, and when he/she come to asking for forgiveness, say that you’re not his/her type.