10 tips of how behaving in the first date


The first date is always an unknown.

The cold in the belly, witch cloth I should use? I pay or let he/she pays? I arrive late or in time? I wear a more serious cloth or dare?

It’s always millions of doubts that surge at the time.

It’s the first sight that keeps, so its natural that surge doubts of how to behave, mainly when this conquer took a long time or apparently is the person of your dreams.

Today we will answer some of these questions giving tips to you to know how to behave with the crush in the first date.

First its indispensable to you to figure out your profile, what do you like and how do you behave normally, and inside these answers take your conclusions.

What we will show now is something relative, however, we thought in a majority and in a profile that really is valuable to the first date. Take a paper and a pen and lets go!

1. No naughty, no serious, do the equilibrium.

Wear natural clothes, disguise a little of sensualism, but nothing so wide. This ideai will always bring more attraction. Remember, people feel more attracted for what they don’t know.

2. Talk less, but be objective.

Don’t show unsafely, and to it happens, don’t talk too much, or consequently will show an uncontrollable interest for the first kiss.

3. Listen much and show interest in the other person’s life, but careful!

Listen is an glamorous act in the first date, so, always keep attention and show interest by the subject matter, but, if the matter is about his/her life, be careful with the questions, or you’ll seem an “trespasser”.

4. Don’t drink too much

Drinking will let tou vulnerable to your feelings and probably to your weak sights. Therefore, don’t drink too much.

5. Arrive in time, or be ready in time

This talk that being late is “fancy” is over! This shows irresponsibility and logically the person will think that you’re a late person.

6. Watch out with the perfume

The perfume is always too good, but for some people like some smells and other think that is ENJOATIVO. Therefore, to not miss, use less perfume and give preference to the ones with light smell.

7. Smile and demonstrate that you’re enjoying the moment

Demonstrate that the moment is satisfactory is something that motivates the other person in letting it even better, so, don’t need talking, but show that everything is perfect.

8. Demonstrate interest, but careful

Careful to not show too much interest, this fatally will prove that you’re very alone. Because of this, be careful with everything that is too much.

9. Don’t be in hurry but show that you don’t want to be annoying by being late, mainly if you’re giving a ride.

Look at the clock sometimes and be worried with the other person’s daily in the following day, making small questions. This will make you know if you may or not extend the date.

10. Show interest in paying the bill

Put slowly the hands in your purse/wallet, this demonstrates that you don’t want to take advantage and if be needed, you will pay your part.


Enjoyed it? Therefore go to your first date and br happy. Good luck!