Social experiment does gay men kiss women an talk about their opinion


A social experiment put gay men to kiss women and talk what they felt. To many people, unfortunately, homosexuality is an option. We talked to Hebert, 26 years old, homossexual. He showed us different visions of the superficiality that the matter is still going through.

“Unfortunately society says about this, that, prejudice. But are people really ready to try understanding something that isn’t from their reality? Would we be insane by choosing homosexuality? Make part of minorities and classes that suffer so much prejudice, at work, at school when little and until in universities? Said Hebert.

The majority of homosexuals already had relations with women, however, they couldn’t have any attraction, and the same thing happened for many tries. Many tried until to marry to try to change what they felt, but in the end, or the person lived frustrated and unhappy or couldn’t make it and accepted himself/herself.

“In most time is more difficult we accept ourselves then doing others accept us”.
“To a soccer player is hard to understand how people don’t like soccer isn’t is? That is what happens with us, people can’t understand that actually isn’t a matter of like, but something that goes beyond this”.

This experience was made by an specific channel for social experiments. Despite the situation they accepted and made the video amazing, with no “attack” by doing what isn’t from their will, but have you ever imagine if it was the opposite?

Watch it because it worth it! It may try to do you understand something unknown yet, even for whose that feel.