Betrayed bride prepares a surprise for her fiancé in own marriage


In the city of Danbury, state of Connecticut, USA, Catherine Longi knew that she was betrayed by his husband 2 days before the wedding. However, the preferred to break up by an unexpected way.

The bride had received a pen drive with photos and videos of her husband Jonh having relations with his cousin, that by the way would be the godmother of the wedding.

“At the beginning I was very shocked, I would never imagine this. But I did how it should be done. The though was to handle looking to his face the last two days, but I was strong and I did it”.

When the ceremony started, the plan was to pass in a big screen in the saloon the videos and photos of the couple, but, Catherine put the photos of her husband and his cousin that she received two days ago. And even before the priest begin the votes, the marriage was over.

All the invited were scared, so then the bride took the microfone and said:” Enjoy it, actually the party is yours”.