Zuckerberg messages


Techcrunch was contacted by people who had corresponded with Facebook CEO to be told that Zuck´s messages were missing from their inboxes. But, as a proof that something had been deleted, the replies to his messages lived.
The personal messages that Zuckerberg had sent to Facebook users had began to be deleted by Facebook starting in 2014, because of the response to the hacking of Sony Pictures.
Facebook claimed that would give this attribute to other users, in hours of Techcrunch´s story.
Despite the ensurance of Facebook that the CEO could sanitize his public records, it was cheating its users by announcing that, deleting the private videos they had uploaded, the videos would disappear, instead of doing this, Facebook kept with these videos.
In the next months, Facebook says that it plans to launch an “unsend” attribute for Facebook messages to all users, and Zuckerberg won´t use it until every user have it. Facebook is considering an unsend attribute with an expiration timer that users could set, but Facebook didn´t publish the plans for an unsend option, and giving everyone the attribute it´s like an effort to all users anger over the situation.