Trump’s problems


67 Senators would have to vote in favor of impeachment for Trump to be impeached and removed from office; with no votes against impeachment, the only way Trump could be impeached is if every single Senate election of 2018 was won by a Democrat, and nine Republican Senators voted in favor of impeachment. This will never happen.

Because of being a form of “virtue signaling”, Bill Scher thinks that we are still talking about impeachment, which is probably true.Trump has not much executive function and it’s trivial to put him on tilt, and when on tilt, he makes wrong decisions that costs him supporters, demoralizes potential Republican voters, undermines Republicanism and lost his chances to make regulations and convince Congress to pass legislation.

It’s true that Trump has released his trusts of racist and violent fools.

Keeping impeachment in play is arguably not entirely useless, because Trump will never be impeached.