The 10 strongest men in the world


Since Ancient Greece, the men already had an appreciation for their body, however, in the last years there was an relevance.

The world of bodybuilding today has as leader the ex actor of American movies and ex governor of the State of Florida, Arnold Schwarzenegger, that travels world wide in this kind of events.

Know now the strongest men in the world:

Phill Heath
Winner for 4 times of MR. Olimpia


Franco Columbu
In 1977, without supplements in the time, champion in 2 MR. Olimpia.


Frank Zane
Winner of Arnold and 3 times champion of MR. Olimpia.


Ronnie Coleman
8 times champion of MR. Olimpia.


Kevin Levrone
One of the biggest body builder of the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The father of bodybuilding, have one of the symmetries and body most perfects according to the sport’s rules.


Lee Haney
8 times champion in MR. Olimpia


Dexter Jackson
Champion by the last time in 2008, one of the biggest examples of the sport.


Shawn Ray
With one of the most wanted symmetries, winner of one MR. Olimpia and keeping all the years among the 5 firsts.


Flex Wheeler
The best result of definition in the world, not even the biggest leaders reached this fitness.


What about start training and soon be in this ranking?

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