Ranking of the 10 best payed TV presenters in Brazil


How much they earn? The TV presenters that fulfill the screen of the TV’s everyday with humor, history and entertainment, but after all, how much do they earn at the end of the month?


10°- Eliana (SBT)

Today in her show “Eliana’s Show”, taking the 10th position with U$187.500,00. Not bad huh?

9°- Ana Hickmann (Record Net)

The pretty Ana Hickmann in her current show “Nowadays” and taking the 9th position, earns a little month salary of U$218.750,00.

8°- Ana Maria Braga (Globo Net)

The known of the morning of all house owner, Ana Maria Braga occupies the 8th position with a salary of U$234.375,00 for month.

7°- Rodrigo Faro (Record Net)

Owner of the show “Faro’s time” in Record Net, Rodrigo Faro, according to the journal “The Day”, earns a little salary of U$312.500,00 for month. I believe that may be did a good barbecue at the end of the year huh?

6°- Sabrina Sato (Record Net)

Ex BBB, the TV presenter Sabrina Sato is the owner of one of the biggest salaries of the television, earning the value of U$343.750,00 in cache to do her show.

5°- Fátima Bernardes (Globo Net)

Ex wife of Willian Bonner and TV presenter of one of the biggest shows in audience of TV Globo, she earns a salary of U$468.750,00.

4°- Luciano Huck (Globo Net)

Luciano Huck, isolated leader in audience at Saturday afternoons with “Huck’s Cauldron”, receives monthly U$562.500,00.

3°- Little Mouse (SBT)

For years in our TVs and still very active, Little Mouse and his show “Little Mouse’s show”, occupies the third position with a fat salary of U$625.000,00 for month.

2°- Xuxa Meneghel (Record Net)

Xuxa Meneghel in her new home earns U$312.500,00, however, with the publicity campaigns, the blond woman has the possibility of earning above U$625.000,00 for month.

1°- Fausto Silva (Globo Net)

And your dear “ex fatty”, Fausto Silva and so many rumors about his salary, according to the website UOL, Fausto renewed his contract with Globo Net in the value of U$1.562.500,00 for month.


Ah, I could be in the 15th position and would be very happy!
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