BBB 18 – Deborah Secco attacks participant in social network:” I hate Patrícia”


Deborah Secco exposed her opinion in social network and caused many comments.

The actress never hided to be a fan of the show, but in one of the last eliminations she made a point of putting in her TWITTER a comment about the player: “I hate Patrícia”.
This happened after the formation of the big wall, where the participant did a dirty game and put her friends of the house under dispute.

Patrícia took the top of rejection, being eliminated with 94,2% of the votes.

After the elimination, the participant joined in Ana Maria Braga’s show and answered the actress comment:” I’m a big fan of her, I think she is a great actress, surely she was talking about the game and I still dream to meet her, its good to know that she knows that I exist”, completed Patrícia.

The elimination resulted in comments of several artists, that even made a campaign to the participant’s elimination.