A woman put her 7 year old daughter selling in social network and is arrested


Vilma Silva, 46 years old, put the daughter of 7 years old to sell in social network.

On this Tuesday, the police arrested Vilma Silva, accused of trying to sell a minor.

The woman was taken to the 32nd Police Department of Caucáia do Alto,and, interrogated by the police, she confessed the crime.

“I couldn’t handle that kid anymore, I never wanted to be a mother. So then I saw a way to profit something with this” said Vilma.

Isabelly was taken to a center of psychological recuperation, and her guard should be passed to the father’s grandparents.

In Brazil exists black markets, where a child can costs U$25.000,00 to U$93.750,00 and is more common than people think.


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