A boy sold his kidney to buy a car and dies after 5 days


Jonatas Braga, 28 years old, from the city of Tuiupi/AM was found dead in his house’s living room this Wednesday(21). The cause of his death was pointed as internal bleeding.

At the biopsy, the coroner saw a kidney missing, what leaved the family shocked and totally discomfortable, but not fot too long.

Ms. Luzia, 49 years old, the boy’s mother, alerted the police that her son had bought a new car last week, and the money explication was empty, bringing surprise, however, Luzia did not merit and believed in her son’s version.

In a investigation in his computer, they figured out that he sold his kidney to a black market of organs, and had profited U$21.250,00.

The police is investigating the supposed buyers.