7 fruits that help you lose weight and you did not know


Losing weight is a painful process and that depends on your effort and willpower.

Besides, there are some fruits that contais nutrients that helps you to lose weight healthier and quicker, logically, only eating fruits won’t make you thin, however, they are a base of a healthy and long diet.

A lot of people today chose losing weight using medicine and drugs. But what these people don’t know is that they can find effective ways, however healthy by means of fruits and what they have to offer.

We separated 10 fruits that will help on your way.


The apple detoxifies the liver and acts directly in the bad colesterol. Besides is rich in B12 vitamin. Specialists indicate at least one apple per day.


The lemon is a very effective detoxicating fruit that acts all over the body. The body intoxication in the lymphatic system disturbs in the process of losing weight and the lemon helps in a great proportion in this case. But, nutritionists indicate using it without sugar or sweetener.


Fruit extremely used for athletes alimentation. Because of having a substance called tryptophan, the banana causes satiety, inhibiting starving. Besides, the banana id a reference to prevent cramps.
However, is good to say that is needed some care with the banana, because it is a carbohydrate and its exaggerated consumption can cause the reverse effect.


Rich in vitamin D, the avocado is also rich in good colesterol. The vitamin D is directly linked to the production of collagen, that is extremely important to skin. The avocado is indicated in the substitution of food that doesn’t has healthy colesterol.


Rich in fibers, is extremely linked to the process of losing weight, besides delicious, the fibers contained in the pear are around the fruit, making that you have a healthier digestion and don’t let the other foods go to a reserve in our body and consequently transform themselves into fat.


Rich in vitamin C, it is essencial to a faster fat burn. Besides evicting several diseases of the day a day for having an anti-inflammatory action.


Thanks to its big amount of liquid, it becomes an essencial fruit at the time we think in losing weight for being diuretic and helps in the digestion.


Remember that is always important to ask a professional of the area so that the fruits can be used in the right way and effective for your kind of treatment!
After that, delight yourself and lose weight with quality.