10 people that have the most unusual pets


Who don’t love to have a pet in your house? To protect you, do company and even cheer up all the family. But, some had an unusual taste to chose his/her partners. See now some of those people.


1. Teenager Craig McRae has in his house nothing more or less than a giraffe. After founding it in a wounded situation, he took it home to take care, what he doesn’t imagined is that he would get used to it.


2. The lady Melanie Griffith and her lion. At the 70’s, Melanie did a movie about the lion’s life and felt in love for a puppy, the end can be imagined isn’t it?


3. Edgar, how its called the wild cat, propriety of Juan Nabas in Bolivia.


4. Dr. Patterson and his big company Koko, he has as a pet a gorila.


5. The American Cyrus and his goat.


6. To Jenner, take care of his puppy snake of 60 meters at home is normal.


7. The Russian girl, creats her Lince at home and became her best friend.


8. Rachel Afons, American, and her gigantic Hedgehog.

9. American family and their kangaroo pet.


10. Young Brazilian and his Iguana of home companion.

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