Man hiccups for 26 years and begs for treatment


Man says that can’t handle hiccup anymore.

Sr. Albertino Costa, dweller in the town of Araucária/PR, said that he tried some treatments, including psychologic to stop with the hiccups, but nothing worked out.

“For 26 years I live with this”.

When he was 42, Sr. Albertino said he got scared too strong with fireflies, and since then he can’t stay an hour without the hiccups. According to the doctors he had a shock that caused a trauma in his diaphragm, thus doing him hiccup intermittently for all these years. The case of Sr. Albertino is very rare, 1 in 1 million. The treatment options are just abroad the country, what turns it a lot expensive.

The 68 year old sir said that the hiccup caused a lot of problems already, being a victim of bullying in the small town he lives, where he got the nickname “walking tic tac” and even by his friends that call him “littlehiccup”.

“A lot don’t know my name”, said the elder man.

He asks that someone help him monetarily so that he can be able to go to the USA and do some tests.