Know why mosquito bites scratch. And can we scratch?


Mosquitos in this summer fulfill our house isn’t it? And we stay with several stings through the body and it scratches, but why?

The mosquito’s saliva has a protein cocktail (anti-platelet, anticoagulant and vasodilatador) to thereby, facilitate the blood absorption, but this results in an allergic reaction on it’s target. The quantity of these proteins variate between each insect.

The way that each insect sucks our blood variates too, the stilt for example, has the beak thin and long, piercing our skin. Already the bloody(other mosquito species), has its beak short and tears the skin, due to this his sting ignites more.

The normal is that the scratching remains during 5 days, but the good news is that we can give a little scratch on it.

The scratch is out defense mechanism, the important is to be with the hands clean and don’t scratch with the nails, to doesn’t ignites more.

In the case of an absurd scratch, the best is to put a compress of hot water, so this will decrease the inflammatory process, the scratch and redness.

But if you felt that was bite and you’re not well, look for s doctor the fastest possible.