José figured out to be Maria after 25 years married and went to celebrate the International Woman’s Day with his wife


José Lopes, 53 years old, has 25 years of marriage with Márcia Regina Lopes and together they had 2 kids, André and Fátima.

This week José decided to “get out of the closet”, because he said that cannot pretend anymore to be a person that he isn’t. He decided to open himself to his woman and children, because actually José is not José, but yes Maria. Thats what you understood: Maria!

José could understand with his “being” and figured out that he is transexual. According to him, he was never comfortable with his body, his clothes and hair, he always looked at Márcia and wanted to be like her, pretty, makeup, with dress and high heels.

At the time of the conversation, Márcia and the kids got scared, because they would never imagine that this would happen with the father.

But, how the family was always very united and loved, they understood that the father is happy this way and doesn’t matter the differences, accepted and kept going living all together.

To celebrate the International Woman’s Day, José that is Maria invited Márcia to lunch together, after all, they are two wonderful “women”.