What to do in an anxiety crises?


The anxiety is the “century’s disease”. Know what to do in moments of crises is very important and can save life.

The anxiety crises arises suddenly and can result nausea, increase the heartbeat, tremors, stomach discomfort and fear. Panic attacks are almost inevitable. At these moments the worst feelings of the person arises, for this, know how to control is essencial.

That you can control your crises, or help when necessary, follow above some tips:
– Breath control: try to take a deep breath, at least, 8 times in 1 minute. Take 4 seconds to breath in, hold your breath for 2 or 3 seconds and take 4 seconds to breath out.
– Muscle relax: all of the body needs to relax, including jaw, nape, mouth and shoulders. Contract the muscles for 5 seconds and then relax, repeat this movement with the different muscles of the body.
– Cognitive distractions: count odd numbers from 100 to 0, sing a song, do a list of your 10 best movies or whatever you want. Strength your mind to do the exercises, even if it try to get back to the bad thoughts.
– Write your feelings: write the reason that you got like this, what causes you fear and what do you feel. Enjoyed it? Like and share with your friends.