World’s tallest people


What we most listen since kid is “size is not document”, yet, all the furniture, houses, clothes and shoes we’ve got were made for population’s average height.

Some people like Robert Wadlow, with 2,72 meters high, considered the tallest man in the world, have considerably escaped from the average and certainly had great dificultes in their day to day to adapt themselves, buy clothes or use small cars.

Know now the world’s tallest people.

Sultan Kösen, 2,51 meters high.

Väino Myllyrinne, Finnish, 2,52 meters high.

Leonid Stadnyk, 2,57 meters high.

John F Carrol, 2,61 meters high. In his death is believed that the man was close to 2,70, but he was never measured for proof due to the condition of his spine.

John Rogan, American, was considered the tallest man in history for years, measuring unbelievable 2,66 meters high in his death.

Robert Wadlow, considered the world’s tallest man, measured 2,72 meters high, due to gigantism. He died when he was 22.

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