Top 10 most played songs in radios and apps in Brazil in 2017


And who doesn’t love a good song.
Music is everywhere at all times, in gyms, at work, in the car, in bedtime, in the shower, in the churches and there are those who do not stay without hearing a good sound even at funerals.

But what are the most listened songs in 2017?!

We did a research in radios, sites, apps and even with people to know what are the most listened songs in Brazil in 2017.

10th place – Henrique and Diego with Simone and Simaria – Raspão

9th place – Despacito – Luis Fonsi

8th place – Loka – Simone and Simaria with Anitta

7th place – Você partiu meu coração ( You broke my heart) – Nego do Borel and Anitta

6th place – K.O – Pabllo Vittar

5th place – Sua Cara (Your face) – Major Prazer with Anitta and Pablo Vittar

4th place – Te assumi pro Brasil (ao vivo), (I assumed you to Brazil – live) – Matheus and Kauan

3rd place – Vidinha de Balada (ao vivo), (party life – live) – Henrique and Juliano

2nd place – ALOK –  Hear Me Now

1st place – Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

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