Participant of the show “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes” answer jokes from internet



Yasmim Estevam, a participant of the show “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes” said that she can’t get a job because of her afro hair, yet, the thrift store owner became again a victim of jokes from the internet and also from critics about the conversation.

Answering the critics and jokers from the internet, the member of the show published a huge text in her social network:

“‘Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the color of your skin in a way to use bleach to look like the white man? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips??’

A part of Malcoml X’s most famous speeches, words that make a lot of sense to me, words that for a long time I didn’t understand, but today I comprehend.

And finally completely see that the problem isn’t in me, it isn’t in my skin, it isn’t in my hair, it isn’t in my traces. The problem comes from inside of you, limited human being, full of pre-established standards about me, based only on my appearance.

I am more that you can see, I’m the fruit of the resistance and fight of many. I’m the fruit of blood, of the weep and sweat from my ancestral. I’m the one that causes discomfort to your eyes for being in places that in theory would be yours.

The cruelty of racism is wide open, it is so cruel that it takes to do with your own brothers to reproduce racists acts, it takes that a black person think funny sharing phrases and pictures with prejudiced content. The racism poisoned you so much, BLACK SIBLINGS, that you don’t realize anymore that speaking with rude words you’re attacking yourselves? Should not be the moment that all of us would be together?

I also came to thank for the support received from my siblings that have defended me heroically, for everyone that somehow have ‘protected’ me from so much negative charge. You have been a base of support, have been family, have been brothers and sisters! I keep fighting for you, we will be us with us always.

Lastly, thank to everyone that have been trying to reduce me and disestablish me. I have used racism as my fuel to fulfill the tank of my projects, use the lemons that you gave me to prepare a great limonade ( Hail Beyonce), follow high paths that brought me high places, keep seeing my works being published in magazines like Vogue!

I continue in constant evolution, in constant transformation! That my work may reflect and summarize my words.

Best regards,
@y4sfelix, owner of @brechonofundinho.”

However, the jokes didn’t stop and became a “meme” from internet, talking with some people that gave freedom to the joke, they say “ they aren’t joking with the fact that she is black not even from her hair, the joke made itself due to the attention it had. And the humor has to be wide open where it highlights, just like the nose of Luciano Huck.” The humorist Antonio Bergati gave the example.