Disney’s new movie will have gay kiss


Disney has been a target of one of the most discussed subjects of the present. The LGBT (Lesbians,Gays,Bisexuals,Transvestites) community has asked intensely in Twitter on a hashtag #GiveElsaaGirlFriend, in a way to give the gay matter open in children’s movies.

By this news, that was around the internet, we were after more info and we discovered that it’s just another rumor.

Disney, although not hiding that accepts the matter for discussion, didn’t mention that it’s going to do any movie with gay kisses, furthermore, the matter isn’t in the highlights discussions among the children’s audience, what would result weirdness in the case of insert relations between characters from the same sex.

Despite looks perfects, the images spread by the internet showing Disney’s characters kissing are not from Disney’s authorship.