5 organs sold in the black market and your prices


Needing an extra money? Know how much costs your organ in the black market.

Today everything is sold in the internet, but what a lot don’t know is that exists a “black market” of organs, and each organ can cost a very reasonably price. Logically is crazy to imagine that people remove organs to sell, however, it’s more common than we imagine.

Check now how much each organ costs:

1. Lungs – Value: U$350.000,00


2. Liver – Value: U$350.000,00

3. Ocular globes or corneas- Value: U$15.000,00


4. Kidneys – Value: U$200.000,00



5. Heart – Value: U$997.000,00

Is not that be the best “thing” to be unattached  or sold, but our organs have a reasonable value, don’t they?